medusas makeup

The Marion

Omg we made it through all that snow! In this post we are unboxing our February beauty box, named after a Beauty12 mummy. The Marion was curated with natural and clean beauty with a hint of glam in mind, which is exactly Marion’s preferred style! As always, we made sure that the beauty box was …
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The Liz

Brrrrrrr… this weather is no joke! In this post we are unboxing our October beauty box, named after one of the Beauty12 mums. The Liz contained a mixture of products designed to celebrate a simple yet flawless look, that’s perfect for cold weather. As always, we made sure that the beauty box was a great …
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The Amber

OMG September is here! As we head into Autumn, we wanted to reminisce on the goodies inside our August beauty box. The Amber was curated with the last of summer in mind, and was all about having healthy and glowing skin, and smelling really good. Let’s start this unboxing off with the Get The Funk …
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The Prototype

Yay first post! After deciding to bite the bullet and finally get started with The Beauty12 Box, we wanted to make sure that each beauty box would contain products people actually wanted, and, more importantly, needed. Instead of launching straight away, we wanted to find out from vegan and other conscious consumers exactly what they …
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