The Marion

Omg we made it through all that snow!

In this post we are unboxing our February beauty box, named after a Beauty12 mummy. The Marion was curated with natural and clean beauty with a hint of glam in mind, which is exactly Marion’s preferred style!

As always, we made sure that the beauty box was a great deal for our subscribers, with The Marion having a total box worth of £37. So if you’re unsure of whether you should subscribe to Beauty12, keep reading to see what to expect from us every month.


First up, is the Rare Coral Colour Balm by brand of the month FRUU.

This matte tinted colour lip balm gives excellent moisturisation from watermelon and coconut oil, soothing aloe and banana extract. Extra soft and buttery application. Allergen free, suitable for sensitive skin.

Next is the Limited Edition LUX Collection by Lone Wolf Cosmetics.

The limited edition LUX line brings ultra black, super wispy and affordable LUXury to any wearer. Made from 100% cruelty free 3D silk and velour, and the band is made from 100% cotton. Stackable and re-useable (suggested use 20-25 wears).

How cute is the Konjac Heart Sponge by The Konjac Sponge Company?

Packed with Plant Power to refresh and revitalise every day, this little sponge soothes irritated & tired skin, refines pores, cleanses and exfoliates the delicate eye area, leaves skin radiant and rejuvenated, and can be used with or without a cleanser. Suitable for eczema & sensitive complexions.

Next up, the Mandarin Facial Cleanser by Pink & Green Skincare.

A pure, gentle and mild cleanser with a beautiful cream-like consistency. This 5ml sample pot contains a cleanser that washes away make up and every day impurities leaving your face feeling fresh, clean, soft and soothed.

Last but not least, the Rosé All Day Toner by Medusa’s Makeup.

This super-hydrating facial toner has a delicate scent of rose, and is paraben-free, phthalate-free, and gluten-free. Another gem from one of Beauty12’s favourite brands!


So there you have it: your five February beauty items packed in brown paper packages, tied up with strings…

If you received The Marion, please let us know your thoughts, and remember to tell us which products you would like to see featured in the Beauty12 Shop. Also, we would really appreciate a like and a follow on our social media: @Beauty12Box on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


Later loves xx


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