Interview With Honeypie Minerals

Today’s post is dedicated to our January Brand Of The Month, Honeypie Minerals!

We spoke with its founder Claudia about her thoughts on the beauty industry and to find out more about the brand.


What is a typical day at the Honeypie Minerals HQ like?

Typically it’s always creative and busy – starting with emails and preparing orders, followed by making products in the lab (a lot of my time is spent in a lab coat, hair nets, masks and gloves!).

I love running my own business – it’s really fulfilling to head in to the office each day to create natural, vegan makeup. It fills my heart with such warmth when I see the same loyal customers return to re-order their favourite products again and again. I personally take all packaged orders to the local courier depot by foot on a daily basis – it’s a great excuse to get some fresh air, and the walk is surrounded by woodland and lovely views (whilst also keeping our carbon footprint to the bare minimum!).


How do you see the beauty industry changing with regards to cruelty free & vegan products? Do you think it could ever be completely cruelty free and vegan?

I believe it can definitely change to 100% cruelty-free one day!

It’s amazing to see so many fellow independent beauty brands creating alternative options for the consumers who wish to make the change and go green.

Since we launched our mineral range in 2012, the beauty industry has come leaps and bounds, but there is still a long way to go – especially with the conglomerates who mass-produce cheap ineffective products and still unnecessarily test on animals. It will most likely continue this way until the cruelty-free movement voice is too loud to ignore.

If you look at the fashion industry in comparison, many designers are now listening to their customers and saying no to fur and researching alternatives for leather, so there is plenty of hope out there!

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What does cruelty free and vegan mean to you personally?

To understand that no living creature has suffered unnecessarily for the sake of our external appearance and beauty.

I still meet people to this day who have genuinely never read an ingredients list or thought about the animal testing process that products have gone through to reach them – so education and spreading awareness of cruelty-free and vegan options is so important.


Where do you get your inspiration from for new products?

I look to nature and my travels for inspiration.

I love that our mineral range contains no glitter particles – just simple, pure, matte shades. I was also inspired to create high performance products which absorbed excess oil and allowed pores to breathe – perfect to wear in everyday life.

This year I’d love to begin formulating a natural, vegan mascara which ticks all the boxes – so watch this space.

What would be your perfect day?

I love to travel so heading somewhere new on holiday is always nice.

At home, my perfect day would be filled with yoga, music, walks in nature, healthy food, chatting and hanging out with my loved ones.


Why is paraben-free so important for skin?

Why risk applying something to your skin which can be detrimental to your health or the planet?

I think it’s good for everyone to have a basic knowledge of all the ingredients they use in their skincare routine and day-to-day life.

Our mineral powders contain naturally occurring antimicrobial agents so we do not need to use preservatives or parabens in our products. This means the ingredients inhibit the growth of any micro-organisms – making them anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory (great for those who suffer from sensitive or acne-prone skin).


What are some of the biggest issues / problems / concerns within the beauty industry at the moment, in your opinion?

Other than the issues we face with harmful ingredients and animal testing, I think price points are getting out of hand these days. There seems to have been a boom in lots of celebrity endorsed “high end” makeup lines where the companies are charging a huge premium just for some luxe-look packaging.

I’ve always maintained the ethos that our mineral line is be both completely affordable and the highest quality.


What is your favourite Honeypie Minerals product?

That’s a tricky one, as I love the entire range and my heart will always be with our silky Foundation (the first product I formulated which started it all).

But my “desert island” product would be the Yellow Corrector for concealing and neutralising under eye darkness – it’s a saviour after a late night!

What is your favourite non-Honeypie Minerals product?

There are so many wonderful natural and cruelty-free beauty brands out there which I adore, but if I had to pick just one, I couldn’t live without my Faith In Nature Shampoo and Conditioner. They come in such a wonderful array of fragrances made from pure essential oils.

In terms of makeup, my skin is super sensitive and acne-prone so I can only use my Honeypie Minerals (which thankfully I’ll have a lifetime supply of) but of course I love the earth-friendly EcoTools brush range.


What is your number one beauty tip?

Just all-round self care. I would say looking after yourself is the most important so your beauty radiates from the inside out. Make sure you make time for yourself – get good sleep, relax, de-stress, drink lots of water, eat healthy, exercise and just enjoy nature.



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