The Kyla

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

In this post we are unboxing our November beauty box, named after one of the Beauty12 nieces. The Kyla was curated with simple beauty in mind. We also included a premium product, to give our subscribers a taste of what to expect from our upcoming Premium Beauty Box.

We were unfortunately let down by a supplier at the very last minute, so this box contained four products instead of the usual five. Thankfully, the beauty box was still a great deal for our subscribers, with The Kyla having a total box worth of £51!

So if you’re unsure of whether you should subscribe to Beauty12, keep reading to see what to expect from us every month.



First up is the Feline Good Liquid Eyeliner by Brand Of The Month VE Cosmetics.
After receiving great feedback from their customers, VE decided to create a larger version of their waterproof liquid eyeliner. Use the highly pigmented Feline Good to add the finishing touches to your eye look.




Next is the Plaid Shirt Fragrance by Poesie Perfume.
Plaid Shirt has notes of clean white musk, gingerbread crumbs, lemony olibanum, and sandalwood soap, and comes in a 2ml apothecary bottle. Whether you want to snuggle up in it with a book and a big mug of something warm, or more than snuggle with someone hot, Plaid Shirt is the perfect scent.





Next up, the Buffing Brush by Flawless.
Densely packed and super soft bristles provide an airbrushed finish to your foundation, and can be used with powder, mineral, liquid or cream formulations. Just dip the flattened top into your favourite product, picking up a small amount at a time, and buff onto your skin in small circular motions until blended throughout. Repeat until the desired coverage has been achieved.


Last but not least, Eyeshadow in Lights E303 by Ellis Faas.
This bronze coloured eyeshadow is liquid but dries on application, and creates the illusion of metallic eyes. It can be used over your favourite eyeshadow or on its own, and has a wonderfully smooth finish for avoiding those pesky eyelid creases. Use the brush to paint on the Light and either let it dry for a dramatic look, or dab it with your finger before it dries completely for a more subtle effect.

Premium product


So there you have it: your four November beauty items packed in brown paper packages, tied up with strings…

If you received The Kyla, please let us know your thoughts, and remember to tell us which products you would like to see featured in the Beauty12 Shop. Also, we would really appreciate a like and a follow on our social media: @Beauty12Box on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


Later loves xx

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