Interview With VE Cosmetics

Today’s post is dedicated to our November Brand Of The Month, VE Cosmetics!

We spoke with VE’s creator Lynsey about her thoughts on the beauty industry and to find out more about the brand.


What is a typical day at VE Cosmetics HQ like?

Well I’m a One Mum Business right now so It’s a constant seesaw of looking after my 2 year old and looking after my business. Some days my little boy is strapped to my back singing nursery rhymes while I work, and some days his nanna comes and takes him so I can get on with work. Usually, I get up and make breakfast, and check my emails while I’m doing that (queen of multitasking!), then take the day from there depending on what orders have hit my inbox etc. Orders are usually packed when he’s fast asleep in bed. I’m also currently working on my charity project “Cups 4 Cups” which I’m hoping to launch in January, which will see sustainable sanitary protection being sent to schools in low income areas in the UK to avoid girls having to miss school because they’re on their periods and can’t afford sanitary protection. It’s bringing lots of vegan artists together and I’m really excited about it and fixing an issue we shouldn’t have in 2017! Its always a hive of activity here!

VE Cosmetics is a PETA registered Cruelty-Free & Vegan company

How do you see the beauty industry changing with regards to cruelty free & vegan products? Do you think it could ever be completely cruelty free and vegan?

There’s no reason it shouldn’t be. For me, it’s constantly battling against the bigger brands that have the “we’ve always done it this way” attitude and educating their customers who don’t really know what happens re: animal ingredients and testing. The more we can educate with compassion the more of a change we can make.

I’ve been Skype meeting a few factories in China and speaking to them and their staff on the importance of not using animal products and it seems to have been welcomed, with one factory now producing more and more vegan options. I have been told they are looking for alternatives for all animal-derived ingredients. Obviously it’s more from a profit point of view for them but each little step helps and if we can minimise (and hopefully cut out) the demand for animal-derived ingredients, it’s a step forward! It’s a little personal project I set up to see if I can make a difference through educating on a business level and I’m happy with the progress so far. If anyone tells you one person wont ever make a difference then remember if one work-from-home mum can single-handedly alter how a large cosmetics factory operates, you can do anything you set your mind to!


What does cruelty free and vegan mean to you personally?

It’s how we should all be living our lives. There is no reason to be exploiting animals; we should be looking after our fellow earthlings. It’s about leaving the earth a better place than how we found it!


We love that you are anti-photoshop (for people as well as when photographing your products)! What effect do you think the use of photoshop in media has on today’s society?

I used to be a professional model before having my son and I felt so much pressure to look a certain way and I hated it. I was constantly battling voices in my head telling me i should lose weight and employers who used to tell me i was too curvy (at that point i was a UK 8/10!). I wanted to show that true beauty isn’t about how you look it’s about how you live your life. I look at makeup as something fun; it’s not an essential product but it’s a way to enhance things you feel good about. I hate the term “flaw” and I wish cosmetics companies would stop using it as we are all individually beautiful in our own ways and we need to start loving ourselves and appreciating ourselves for who we are, not trying to conform to an industry standard that’s impossible to achieve.

I didn’t want to put out pictures of a model so heavily photoshopped that:
a) the look is ridiculously unattainable; and
b) the product is a lie because it won’t do what photoshop does.

I love my products. I have complete and utter faith in them and I believe in showing what you are getting. There is nothing worse than buying a lipstick purely from the photo to realise the colour has been photoshopped and it is nothing like how it looked in the picture.

What would be your perfect day?

A lie in (what’s one of those again?), a day on the beach with my little man and lunch in my favourite vegan cafe, then home to find my business is turning over enough to hire my own vegan army of staff and buy land to rescue animals.


What is on your Christmas wishlist?
Lots of Truffle Pig Vegan truffles because I’m a chocoholic!


What are some of the biggest issues / problems / concerns within the beauty industry at the moment, in your opinion?

So many, where do I start?

  1. There’s a culture where people seem to think they need makeup; no one “needs makeup”. Makeup is fun, it’s not essential. The only essential things about beauty are to look inwards for your beauty rather than the surface.
  2. The fact that there is still a large proportion of makeup enthusiasts that either willingly close their eyes or don’t know about the cruelty behind some brands and ingredients.

I think those are my main two irritants in the industry but i could hark on forever about the industry and some of the terminology i see used… “flaws” being one of them. I hate that term with a passion!


What is your favourite VE product?
This changes weekly. Right now I’m a huge fan of the Unicorn Goo metallic lipstick in teal with the silver Teen Spirit liquid matte shade dotted in the centre!

What is your favourite non-VE product?
Someone recently gifted me a crystal bar soap and its amazing. I’ve been following the brand on Instagram for a few weeks now and I’m really impressed with them and their soap!


What is your number one beauty tip?

Besides Go Vegan?

Water water and lots of water, and i think it was Roald Dahl that said, “if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams”. It sounds corny, but confidence will do more for you than any beauty product ever will!


Thank you to Lynsey at VE Cosmetics for her comments and for collaborating with us. Click here to visit their website, and be sure to let us know your thoughts on the interview.

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