Interview With Give Face Cosmetics

Today’s post is dedicated to our October Brand Of The Month, Give Face Cosmetics!

We spoke with GFC’s owner John about his thoughts on the beauty industry and to find out more about the brand.


What is a typical day at Give Face Cosmetics HQ like? Is it as fabulous as your Instagram?

A typical day at GFC is hectic; we have a rapid turnaround so orders are all done first thing when we arrive, then during the day it’s filled with reviewing artists work, creating new looks, and speaking with our manufacturers to develop our unique products and colours. We also receive lots of messages for help with how to create similar products to those on the market. For example, Rihanna recently released a makeup range and we helped our followers learn which of our products to mix to create a cost effective dupe. We also test makeup looks regularly, so in the late afternoon we are usually painting each other to try new colour combos. It’s a lot of fun with our vast range of colours and effects.

How do you see the beauty industry changing with regards to cruelty free & vegan products? Do you think it could ever be completely cruelty free and vegan?

I’m really pleased to see that the industry is embracing vegan products, and cruelty free is so important. I can’t believe any company would have such low morals as to use animals and source ingredients which have been sourced through low-pay labour. I hope the whole industry takes responsibility and follows suit.

What does cruelty free and vegan mean to you personally?

Personally, I find vegan products safer to work with. For me, it reduces skin and eye irritation. Many mainstream products cause me to have watery eyes, sniffles and skin breakouts. Cruelty free is a must; I cannot justify beauty for the sake of life quality of someone or something else.

Do you feel your background in photography gives you an edge in understanding the needs of both the consumer and professionals? And have you seen a change in those needs?

Definitely. Working in photography has helped with the colouring of products, as some makeup lacks pigment due to the content of the product. The need of the consumer and professional is to have great strong colour. The beauty industry is becoming more colourful, shinier, and theatrical, so the demand for the shiniest and colourful products is high.

What would be your perfect day?

My perfect day would be working with artists in the studio, talking about colours and putting looks together. Recently, we put together mystery packages and that was an amazing experience to see the artists’ choices in the bags, and their interpretation of colour matching and contrasting. You really get a feel of the artist’s mood and experience with makeup.

Where do you see GFC going in the future, and do you have any juicy details you can share with us?

I hope GFC is just enjoyed by artists. I have no ambition to make the brand mainstream; my passion is colour and the finish. As I write this, we have exceeded our plans for this year, releasing a surprise skin care range. At the moment, the plan is to rest a little as we have really pushed ourselves this year.

What are some of the biggest issues / problems / concerns within the beauty industry at the moment, in your opinion?

My personal concern and issue is the pricing of cosmetics and the influencers. I look at some products and cannot believe the price point. I feel celebrities are having their names printed on fairly standard makeup and people are paying way too much for the ‘brand’ to enjoy them. I sometimes feel social media and celebrity endorsement are misleading people. For example, people seem to feel the need to own the highest priced brushes with the latest name on, when realistically, when I watch them on live feeds and see what they are using them for, they can achieve with budget brushes.

What is your favourite GFC product?

Oh this is hard! My favourite range are the metallic lip colours; I have always loved lipsticks as they have such an impact on the whole look and I feel lip colours are really personal to individuals, so I can tell a lot about a person when I see the lip colour they choose. The one product I use excessively is ultra fine glitter “Wish”. It’s my favourite colour and effect, it hides blending mistakes (haha), and I mix it with everything for super shine such as highlighters.

What is your favourite non-GFC product?

My fave non-GFC product is Grimas Eyebrow Plastic; it’s a magic product which completely transform a look with the covering of eyebrows. It’s so easy to use and completely transforms me for my drag appearances.

What is your number one beauty tip?

Probably my best is false eyelashes. I could never wear them before trying this, they would ping up or there would be a gap from the lash line. I feel for every person I see with badly applied lashes. It distracts from their great makeup skills and makes me want to get the tweezers out to help when I see them. So when I use lashes I cut the strip into three. I don’t trim them to shorten them. I apply a black line across my lash line before I start. Starting from the outer corner I apply the sections and slightly overlap them as I go till I reach the inner of the eye. It means the strip doesn’t ping back to trying to straighten out, is more tailored to my eye shape, and gives real texture and thickness across the eye. Then I finish with a black liquid eyeliner to conceal the sections. You can also use a section for an under lash. When I remove them I pick off all the glue and store the sections in a little box so I can reuse and build them up into different lash shapes and thicknesses as desired.


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