The Elaine

Is it just us or is 2017 flying by?!

In this post we are unboxing our September beauty box, named after a great friend of the family. The Elaine was curated with the change in season in mind, and we made sure to include nourishing, fresh items. We also included three premium products, to give our subscribers a taste of what to expect from our upcoming Premium Beauty Box.

As always, we made sure that the beauty box was a great deal for our subscribers, with The Elaine having a total box worth of £47.50! So if you’re unsure of whether you should subscribe to Beauty12, keep reading to see what to expect from us every month.


First up is the Eye Candy H.D. Loose Mineral Pigment eyeshadow by Brand Of The Month TASH Cosmetics.

Effortlessly create endless eye looks that range from beautifully natural to highly artistic with this pure pigment eyeshadow. It is easy to apply, long wearing, and has light-reflective pigments.

Apply dry using fingertips or an eyeshadow brush, or mix with a little water to use as an eyeliner.

*premium product



The Boozy Bath Salts in Wine Down by Soap Dodger are a huge favourite and smell incredible!

These Bubbling Salts are a great alternative to bubble baths or bath bombs, and are designed to give you that relaxing bath time as they contain both Epsom Salts and Sea Salt.



The sample-size Lip Gloss in shade Ti Amo by Mooi Lab is made using an all-natural, preservative-free formula, and is infused with antioxidant-rich botanical extracts, essential oils, and pigments.

This gloss is perfect for the colder months since it contains coconut oil and shea butter for lasting hydration.

*premium product


Another must-have beauty item as the weather cools down is the Hand Butter by The Buddha Beauty Company.

Containing both shea butter and cocoa butter, this cream will leave your hands feeling smooth, supple and healthy.

Apply whenever your hands feel dry or dehydrated.





This full-size powder OrangeCoffee Cleansing Mask by Terre Verdi will make your skin feel rejuvenated and purified.

Mix a small amount of powder with water or floral water, and massage on the face and other parts of the body as needed. Wait until dry, for up to 20 minutes, and wash off.

*premium product


So there you have it: your five September beauty items packed in brown paper packages, tied up with strings…

If you received The Elaine, please let us know your thoughts, and remember to tell us which products you would like to see featured in the Beauty12 Shop. Also, we would really appreciate a like and a follow on our social media: @Beauty12Box on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


Later loves xx


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