Interview With TASH Cosmetics

“Why Blend In When You Were Born To Stand Out?”


Today’s post is dedicated to our September Brand Of The Month, and to which the above motto belongs, TASH Cosmetics!

We spoke with Co-Founder Tasha about her thoughts on the beauty industry and to find out more about the vegan certified company.


What is a typical day at TASH Cosmetics HQ like?  

Hectic but very fun! We try and keep a fun, motivating work environment. We love what we do and it truly shows in our work.


How do you see the beauty industry changing with regards to cruelty free & vegan products? Do you think it could ever be completely cruelty free and vegan?  

We see a larger dynamic of consumers now realizing that there is a better way. As health conscious as people are these days about what they put in their bodies, we believe it’s about time we all became more conscious about what we put on our skin.  We have approx. 20 million pores on our face alone. And our skin absorbs up to 65% of what we put on it. Think about that one for a minute. That’s huge! If you’re not taking care of your skin and you’re not conscious of what you put on your skin, that’s a lot of damage waiting to happen!

Yes we feel that the industry could be, eventually cruelty free and vegan. But, will it? Simple answer is probably not. Largely due to the cost of ingredients. Vegan and Cruelty free ingredients are more expensive to buy and the products are more expensive to make. So your larger chains will more likely not switch over due to their high production margin. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could sway them all just a little?


What does cruelty free and vegan mean to you guys personally? 

Personally, to us it means we can sleep better at night knowing we are doing our part and contributing to safety of animals and in longevity, people too. It’s a new era. It’s common knowledge that plant based foods do wonders for your body in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So why not take it one step further for your skin?  Cruelty Free, Vegan personal care products are quickly becoming more popular with the new generation. And it is our hopes that someday the entire industry will take part in this new healthy, well rounded lifestyle.


Does everyone in California really roller skate everywhere? 

Lol. No. Mostly in LA by the boardwalks and beaches.

But, with the way traffic is these days, I just might take it on as a new hobby and form of transportation! 🙂



What would be your perfect day? 

My perfect day would be to wake up to an abundance of sales to process because that would mean we are sharing our wonderful products with the world and one face at a time making it a healthier place. I personally love to get positive emails and feedback on our products. It makes me happy knowing we made someone else happy, and made a difference.  Being a smaller company fairly new to the market, we have had our share of highs and lows. But we really believe that with persistence and love we can make a big difference.


Since TASH was formed by you and your brother Gary, what is it like working together? (be honest!) 

I absolutely adore my brother. He is one of the kindest, smartest, honest hard working people I know. My brother and I have always had a close relationship. We actually make a really good team. My weakness are his strengths and vice versa. So, in a working environment we compliment each other very well.


What are some of the biggest issues / problems / concerns within the beauty industry at the moment, in your opinion? 

The biggest issue, problem and concern is the inhuman treatment of animals. Testing, etc. There is no need for that in this day and age. With technology being so advanced we just feel that there is a better way now. (We are proud members of PETA and we are Vegan Certified) Which we are very honored to take part in both. We stand firmly that we will not compromise our beliefs just to make a sale. It’s more that and bigger than that to us.



What is your favourite TASH product? 

My favorite product? Hummm, well I actually have a few. I would say our AHA/BHA face cleanser is definitely one of them. Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. And education of course. A Lot of people don’t realize what you wash your face with makes a big difference. As busy as people are in this day and age, we don’t always have time or make time to read labels and know what we are putting on our skin. This goes back to what I said earlier about our skin absorbing up to 65% of what we put on it. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t put just anything in your body right? Why should we accept anything less for our skin?


What is your favourite non-TASH product? 

My favorite non TASH product.. that would have to be NYX Pore filler hands down. Not that ours aren’t great because they are, but before we created our pore reducing primers, that is all I used. And I still love it to this day. (Which happens to be vegan)


What is your number one beauty tip? 

I have a few beauty tips I am always preaching about to anyone and everyone that will listen to me. LOL — These two are of equal importance to me.

First is: Do not touch your face with your hands! I know it sounds nuts right? But again, it’s one of those things we just don’t think about. But let me explain, Our hands touch over 3-4000 things a day. But who has touched those things before you? Warning, even if you’re just a mild germaphobe the following information might make you cringe! Your dish towel or sponge can carry up to 10 million bacteria per square inch. The shopping cart at the grocery store, cell phones, door knobs, the steering wheel in your car after you have gone out in the world and touched a million things that a million people before you have touched. But see, these are things we don’t think about or at least not all of us as often as we probably should. And then we touch our precious face. To itch, or to wipe of excessive oil or whatever the case maybe. So, my pro tip here is to wash, wash wash your hands before touching your face or just simple avoid it all together. Which is more likely not possible. So WASH!

My next beauty tip is: don’t sleep in your makeup! Wash your face at night before bed and apply your nightly moisturizer or whatever your nightly skincare regimen is. At night your body (skin included) repairs itself. In a deep slumber your body goes to work to repair itself from environmental stress, free radicals, and natural damage. While skin cells repair and rebuild as you sleep you want to make sure there is nothing on your skin that will clog your pores. (or you just might wake up with the dreaded zit)


A huge thanks to Tasha and TASH for their comments and for collaborating with us. Click here to visit their website.

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