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After deciding to bite the bullet and finally get started with The Beauty12 Box, we wanted to make sure that each beauty box would contain products people actually wanted, and, more importantly, needed.

Instead of launching straight away, we wanted to find out from vegan and other conscious consumers exactly what they were struggling to find in beauty supply stores, and how we could help.

We ran a month-long giveaway, where entrants were invited to complete a survey of 10 key questions, designed to build their ideal subscription beauty box service. We then picked 10 lucky winners to receive ‘The Prototype’, which contained 5 full size items, and was worth a total of £38.


So let’s get into the unboxing:


The first product in the box was the Organic Facial Oil For Combination Skin, by July Brand Of The Month The Buddha Beauty Company.

Buddha Beauty describe it as a facial oil that specially treats combination skin and restores your face’s natural glow.

Apply over your favourite moisturiser once in the morning, and again the in the evening before going to bed, to lock in the moisture and to leave you with a healthy glow.



Next up was the Butter Me Up solid moisturiser from Canadian brand DEMES Natural Products.

We have received great feedback on this moisturiser for very dry skin and lips, which is contained in a super cute, convenient and eco-friendly applicator.

Definitely a must-have for your handbag!



The Deluxe False Eyelashes by American company Medusa’s Makeup can be worn multiple times, and the pack even contains the almost impossible to find vegan eyelash glue!

The tube of Natural Rubber Latex Adhesive and the natural-looking eyelashes come in a cute little heart-shaped pack.




The Skin and Bath Melts from Raw Passion can be used in the shower or bath, and leave your skin feeling super moisturised and smelling gorgeous.

Be careful though, one of us (Jill) found the bath to be a little slippery after using one and nearly took a tumble!




And last, but definitely not least, was the Liquid Matte Lipstick with a hint of sparkle from VE Cosmetics.

This lipstick can be used sparingly for a subtle look, or can be layered up for a more dramatic effect, and does not budge!

We had a variety of colours for this one, so please send us pictures of you wearing your colour if you were one of the lucky winners.



Check out Leila Buffery’s vlog for her take on this beauty box, as well as blogs from Carrie Pendle and Rachel’s Diaries.

If you won yourself the July beauty box, please give us your feedback on the products, and be sure to let us know which of the five you would like to see in the Beauty12 Shop.

Subscribe at for the August beauty box until 23rd August (while stocks last). Use code ‘NEWBLOGWHODIS’ at checkout for 20% off all subscription packages until midnight tonight!


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